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Patrick Ng

Ir. Patrick Ng

Technical Director

Fellow of HKIE | RPE | RGE | MBA

Ir. Patrick Ng is appointed as the Technical Director of Leapa IntiGrid Technology and he is a Fellow Member of the Hong Kong Institude of Engineers since 1980s. He is currently the CEO and Director of Asia Engineering (HK) Ltd. Patrick has 35 years’ experience in building, civil, geotechnical & environmental projects. Worked in HK Government, MTR, clients, consultants, contractors and overseas. Projects included ShaTin New Town development, Landslip Preventive Measures, Airport Railway, KCR TsimShaTsui Extension, tunnels, green building.

Nicholas Lo

Nicholas Lo

Programme Director

Fellow of ITSHK | SMIEEE | MIEAust | MEng | BEng (Biomedical Engineering)

Mr. Nicholas Lo is the board director, co-founder of Leapa Group and CEO of Leapa Limited. He is dualy responsible to provide support of investor relations and advisory of Leapa Group. His vision and experience of intelligence systems development in cutting edge technologies contribute to effective energy and resources utilisation. Nicholas has 20 years' past work experiences specialised in Intelligent Transportation Systems, Mobile Positioning Systems and Computer Vision.

Dr. Terence Law

Advisory Director

PhD | SMIEEE | MScEng (Power Systems)

Dr. Terence Law is currently appointed by the BoD as the Advisory Director of Leapa IntiGrid Technology. Dr. Law has over 40 years’ experience in power systems design, planning, analysis and modelling in Western Australia. He has personally involved in designing and planning of transmission systems; ongoing development of large scale transmission system; analysis of power system static and dynamic behaviours; investigations into various power system issues including power quality and transient phenomenon as well as computational modelling of power system components and controls.

Perutz Chan

Engineering Manager

MIEAust | EESA | MEng | BEng (Elecrtrical Systems)

Mr. Perutz Chan is the co-founder of Leapa IntiGrid Technology and is curretly the engineering manager supervising smartgrid systems, distributed energy and resources projects in Australia. The spectrum of his 18 years' past international work experiences covered widely in the electrical systems, building services designs and construction works of infrastructural, industrial, educational, commercial and residential developments with substantial elements of sustainable deployments.

Aubrey Cason

System Architect

MEng (Instrumentation & Control) | BEng (Mechanical)

Mr. Aubrey Cason is currently appointed by the BoD as a System Architect in Leapa IntiGrid Technology. He demonstrates full capacity of his knowledgable works in the field of robotic controls, instrumentation and industrial computer systems engineering. His talent in engineering innovations and strong tides with universities on various research projects will unleash innovative prospects for our clients. He has substantial exposure to use National Instrument NI Platform for industrial system integration.

Mandy Zhao

Accountant | Business Development Officer

MAppFin | BCom

Ms. Mandy Zhao is currently appointed by the BoD as the Accountant (Business Development Officer) in Leapa IntiGrid Technology. Her exposure and knowledge in international finance and accountancy has provide substantial input to support business development and client engagement. She specialised in fund management strategies and investor relationships.

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