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Leapa IntiGrid experts are involved in the design, build, operation and maintenance of Turn Key solutions. We provide accurate real life feasibility studies which cover all aspects of your energy requirements. Our Energy Feasibility Studies are an important business case analysis tool which we use in preparation for helping you make effective business decisions on your energy needs. A feasibility study can determine which combination of renewable energy technologies most effectively meet your energy requirements and goals.

When integrating renewable energy into a new construction project or major renovation, this level of renewable energy assessment will typically be commissioned by our design team.

The feasibility study takes a deeper look into the remaining technologies to:

  • Quantify energy variations, and the value of that energy
  • Review details of utility interconnection, tariffs, and revenue
  • Analyse access to financial incentives as well as project funding models
  • Assess economic feasibility with a detailed and credible life-cycle cost analysis
  • Renewable energy feasibility studies provide technology and financing options. We carry out
  • comprehensive feasibility studies for all our clients as part of our overall solution.


Leapa IntiGrid provides on-site energy solutions with a proven track record in the successful design, build and management of generation, heating and cooling solutions. We have an in-house team of qualified and experienced engineers, ensuring consistently high quality work. In conjunction with our customers, we work with leading consultants, architects, developers & contractors to deliver projects on time and within budget.

We are dedicated to providing low energy on-site solutions and can support projects from concept design through to delivery, operation and maintenance of systems. This approach means that our clients gain the benefit of a single point of contact and a single line of responsibility. This, combined with our engineering excellence, ensures the most cost effective, energy efficient and maintainable solution is achieved.



Our project managers possess the technical capabilities and people skills needed to effectively manage projects on all levels. Technically, our team has proven field experience bringing projects to a successful conclusion thereby allowing for accurate assessment of the workload and time it takes to complete tasks. This technical knowledge results in effective resource allocation and general management throughout the project process.

Leapa IntiGrid Project Management Services include:

  • Overall project responsibility
  • Project scope development
  • Detailed schedule development
  • Tracking to assure key milestones are achieved
  • Determining resource loading and adjusting as required
  • Capital planning requests
  • Budget tracking
  • Regular project updates to key stakeholders

Successful project management starts with detailed planning and an understanding of customer needs. Leapa IntiGrid engages its customers to fully understand their project requirements and the overall impact to their business.

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